Friday, January 13, 2006

I work in an office of misfits...

There is always something stupid going on in my office. The people who work here are some of the laziest, nastiest "normal" people I've ever met.

I mean, by looking at them, everyone looks pretty normal. But they way they behave - is scary.

We routinely have food sitting out free for the taking. A normal person would take the donut from the box, put it on a napkin and take it to their desk. Some people here will cut a small 2 inch chunk out of hte Krispy Kreme donut and take the little chunk. Twenty minutes later the same person will return for another 2 inch chunk. Bizzarre, yes - but the real problem is the other people may be cutting chunks off of the same donut - all with the plasticware they have already used to eat with.


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