Monday, January 30, 2006

Mick still has it

This review of the Rolling Stones conert at the Savvis Center on January 27, 2006 is for all of those twenty-somethings that like to refer to the greatest rock-n-roll band in the history of mankind as the "Strolling Bones". Yes, I will admit most of the fans were discussing Medicare options before the concert started. And, yes Keith Richards had to sit down on the drum stage during the concert to rest his weary bones.

But, Mick can still hit the high notes, play the keyboards and harmonica all while dancing and prancing around the stage for over 2 hours at a pace that would dizzy most 20 year old aerobics instructors. The band played all the old favorites and rocked the house just like the old days. The concert came with all the usual accessories such as a light show and gigantic video screen, but the moving stage that brought the Stones to the back of the floor during the concert was quite impressive. The people at the back of the floor now had a first row seat - this combined with the song "Start Me Up" brought the aging baby boomers out of their chairs.

Alas, some things have changed. A young man sitting near me lit up a cigarette (the legal kind) and was promptly removed. This would have never happened at Stones concerts I saw in my younger days.


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